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New Books
State of Terror A Novel
The Good Neighbor
The cat on the Dovrefell : a Christmas tale
Barb the last Berzerker
10 spooky pumpkins
Ben Y and the ghost in the machine
Blast off
Keep your head up
Have you seen Gordon?
Being mindful like grandpa
Good night, good night : based on The going to bed book
Celebrate Veterans Day
The Christmas pig
Clarice the brave
Egg marks the spot
The great bear
My name is Bana
Justice for George Floyd
Our principal is a noodlehead!
Ivy lost and found
Lost island
InvestiGators. Ants in our P. A. N. T. S.
Margaret Chase Smith
Henry Heckelbeck spy vs. spy
Trouble in Toyland
Yum Fest is the best!
Worst-case Collin
Some penguin problems
Vivi loves science
It fell from the sky
Susie B. won
A secret shared
Playing the cards you
The death of Jane Lawrence
Light from uncommon stars
The last house on Needless Street
Great Britain
My Monticello : fiction
Five quarters of the orange
Eight perfect hours : a novel
Marked man
Barkley L. Hendricks : photography.
The matzah ball
The holiday swap