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New Books
Killer instinct
Broken throne : a Red Queen collection
Cut and run
The dark side : a novel
Superman of Smallville
Attack of the 50-foot Fly Guy
Tell me how you really feel
Scary stories for young foxes
Silver Batal and the water dragon races
Seaman and the great northern adventure
King of the Mole People
My body, my choice : the fight for abortion rights
Fake it till you break it
A is for Elizabeth
Balto and the race against time
For black girls like me
Ants don
Boston balloonies
Samuel Morse, that
Planet Earth is blue
Our world is relative
Not quite Snow White
The someone new
Soccer time!
The World Series kids
Queen of cats!
I love my tutu!
Judy Moody : book quiz whiz
Charlie Bumpers vs. the end of the year
The bone garden
The world ends in April