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New Books
Pahua and the soul stealer
Narwhal and Jelly book. 06 : Narwhal
Out for blood
Yusuf Azeem is not a hero
The Berenstain bears
The mixed-up chameleon
The singer and the scientist
Toucan with two cans
What lives in the woods
The thirteenth cat
Scary stories for young foxes : the City
See Bip grow!
The missing magic wand
The longest storm
Little Grump Truck
Indiana Bones
Brother be gone!
Halloween is coming!
Fast pitch
A duckling called Button
Donut goals
The dollhouse : a ghost story
Barefoot dreams of Petra Luna
Bad guys. 13 : The Bad Guys in Cut to the chase
The clover curse
Final season
Fight with the freeze-ray fowls
The Raven heir
Green energy
Harry versus the first 100 days of school
How to find what you
Hide-and-seek with Little Hippo
A lamb called Lucky
A kitten called Holly
The narwhal problem
The Midnight Brigade
Paradise on fire
Once upon a camel
Jazz for lunch!