Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Introduction: In Search of Our Future    Stephanie Feldman and Nathaniel Popkinp. 1
Acceptance Speech (Nov 6 2016)    Eileen Mylesp. 15
Part ISpeaking to America
America in Winter    Joy Ladinp. 21
To Our Families
How I Should Have Known Trump Would Be Elected President    Carmen Maria Machadop. 25
Teaching after Trump    Melissa Febosp. 27
IUD    Liana Finckp. 32
20 January 2017    Herman Beaversp. 33
Signs    Diane McKinney-Whetstonep. 35
Morning Question in Bed after the Women's Marches across America    Adam Vinesp. 38
Four Days    Sarah Rose Etterp. 39
Seasons of Grief    Tahneer Oksmanp. 41
When We See    KC Trommerp. 49
Just to Get By    Bassey Ikpip. 50
To Ourselves
Theft    Fran Wildep. 57
Gaslighting    Liana Finckp. 58
Three Days    Ken Kalfusp. 59
Terror? What Is Terror?    Liana Finckp. 70
Four Stories about Fighting    Sandra Newmanp. 71
The Accused by Khun Srun    Madeleine Thienp. 74
Yellow for Ephemeral    Sam J. Millerp. 86
The Retinue of Little Abysses    Juan Martinezp. 91
Reclaiming Time    Airea D. Matthewsp. 95
To Our Americas
Year of the Rat    Marc Anthony Richardsonp. 101
Bullet Points    Jericho Brownp. 106
Domestic Terrorism    Cynthia Atkinsp. 107
The Legend of Big and Fine    Jericho Brownp. 109
Who Has the Right to Tell This Story? How Art and Artists Can Help and Harm People Experiencing Addiction    Liz Moorep. 110
National Pastime    Lynn Melnickp. 122
Strange Bedfellows    Nancy Hightowerp. 124
I Enter the Real Memory    Alice Notleyp. 129
Part IISpeaking for America
Who Will Speak for Whom, America?    Edwin Torresp. 135
For the Nation
On Being American    Samira Ahmedp. 141
The Betweens    Cynthia Arrieu-Kingp. 143
The Alternatives    Liana Finckp. 153
Riddle    Jericho Brownp. 154
A Simple Letter to My American Friends (Una Sencilla Carta a Mis Amigos Gringos)    Carlos José Pérez Sámanop. 155
Untitled: A Comedy    Herman Beaversp. 159
Pigskin, Beauty, Death, and a Huggable Rat    Linh Dinhp. 161
America (after Allen Ginsberg)    Craig Santos Perezp. 166
U.S. v. T.H.E.M.    Liana Finckp. 169
I Want Milk, I Want Honey    Mohja Kahfp. 170
Blood and Spirit    Cynthia Dewi Okap. 176
América    Ana-Maurine Larap. 181
For the Future
Life After    Adrienne Celtp. 187
The Gates to Freedom    Rene Denfeldp. 188
Struggle    Liana Finckp. 191
The End of the Incarnation    Malka Olderp. 192
If You Can Keep It    Veronica Scott Espositop. 195
Charlie and the Aliens    Ganzeerp. 204
Dreaming in Crayon    Craig Santos Perezp. 212
Because Change Was the Ocean and We Lived by Her Mercy    Charlie Jane Andersp. 213
Contributorsp. 227