Publishers Weekly Review
In her bestselling An Invisible Thread (2011), Schroff told the story of making a spiritual connection by sharing an act of kindness with a total stranger. After reading her book, hundreds of readers sent her letters to convey their own moving stories of discovering an invisible thread with others. In her delightful new book, Schroff gathers 30 of these stories. In the most illuminating tale, José is sent by his mother at the age of six to help pay bills by selling freshly made tacos; José meets Maria, a clerk at a bus station, who agrees to buy all his tacos every day. He now recognizes that Maria bought his food not because she was hungry, but because she cared for him and wanted him to have a better life. Kindergarten teacher Mary notices her new student Terrance struggling and simply gives him a hug, which establishes a connection between the two that endures through Terrance's difficult youth and his eventual imprisonment. She is still a support for Terrance, and she realizes how he has been a great support for her as well. Schroff's uplifting book underscores the power of simple connections and our ability to protect and guide others who are in need of compassion, charity, and acceptance. Agent: Nena Madonia, Dupree Miller & Associates (Oct.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.